Configuring ruleset update behavior

You can update the following prconfig setting to determine when users see new ruleset lists due to changes to Access Groups or Rule-Application instances: either immediately at the start of the next thread (threadset) or at the next session (fixedreq).


  • Value Type — String
  • Functionality — Alters the behavior of ruleset list updates. The value options for this setting are:
    • Immediate
      • The default setting
      • Ruleset lists are updated as application and access group changes are made
      • The shipped behavior of PRPC versions prior to the Pega Platform
    • Threadset
      • Ruleset lists are updated from application and access group changes at thread creation boundaries and stay the same for the entire lifetime of the thread
      • Thread creation boundaries include thread creation and thread switch events
    • Fixedreq
      • A snapshot of the ruleset lists are taken for all available applications at login
      • Fixed throughout the lifetime of the session
      • If a requestor with RSL update behavior set to fixedReq spawns a child requestor, the child requestor gets the most recent context using their parent's access group as a key
  • Example: <env name="Authorization/RSLUpdateBehavior" value= "threadset" />