Migrating rules to a new schema

Rules can be migrated to a new schema in a highly available system, which is updated on the staging system and then copied to production. To migrate the rules to a new schema, do the following:

  1. Migrate the existing rules into a new rules schema and mark the time.
  2. Perform the update on the new rules schema, for example, a framework or application update.
  3. Copy the new rules to the production database.
  4. Configure the Pega Platform servers to use the new rules schema and perform rolling restarts on any additional production servers.
    • During the rolling restart, users are moved from Pega Platform servers using the old rules schema to Pega Platform servers using the new rules schema.
    • The schema names to use are provided through JNDI by using the application server console.
  5. Migrate auto-generated rules that were created after step 1.