Quiescing a node by using slow drain

On a high availability system, you can remove a node from a pool of active nodes by quiescing the node from the high availability landing page. The slow drain method requires removing the nodes from the load balancer before starting the quiesce process. The default quiesce mthod is immediate drain.

To quiesce a node from the high availability landing page, perform the following steps:

  1. Identify the Pega Platform node or nodes that you want to quiesce.
  2. Configure the load balancer to disable the identified nodes. See your load balancer documentation for specific configuration instructions. Currently active users and services can complete their work, but no new connections can be made.
  3. Click Designer Studio > System > High Availability > HA Cluster Management.
  4. Select the check box in front of the node or nodes that you want to quiesce.
  5. Click Quiesce. When the quiesce process is complete, the status of the node changes to Quiesce Complete in the Runstate column on the HA Cluster Management landing page. To cancel the quiesce process for the selected node or nodes, click Cancel Quiesce.