Passivation storage

Passivation details can be saved either as disk files on each Pega Platform server or as database rows in the PegaRULES database. The option that you select determines which passivation features are available.

By default, passivation details are saved to the database, and corresponds to the following prconfig.xml file setting:

<env name="initialization/persistrequestor/storage" value="database" />

With database storage, the passivation daemon saves requestor information as an instance of the System-Requestor-Context class, corresponding to the pr_sys_context database table. The daemon saves page details as an instance of the System-SavedPages class in the pr_page_store database table.

To save passivation details as files on each Pega Platform server instead of the database, add following setting to the prconfig.xml file:

<env name="initialization/persistrequestor/storage value="filesystem" />