Queue Management landing page

You can manage your system queues on the Queue Management landing page. You can view work items in the system queues by their status and take action on them. The Queue Management landing page is useful for diagnosing agent processing problems. For example, you can follow the life cycle of items when developing a new agent.

To view system queues, you must have the pzSystemOperationsObserver privilege and to take actions on queue items, you must also have the pzSystemOperationsAdministrator privilege.

Access the Queue Management page by clicking Designer Studio > System > Operations > Queue Management.

The queue statuses are shown across the top of the landing page. The number of queues that have items in that status and the total number of items with that status are displayed in the status block. When you click on a status, the Queue(s) grid lists the queues with items in the selected status and the number of items in each queue. Click Refresh to update the landing page.

When you click on a queue in the Queue(s) grid, the items in the selected queue are displayed in the Item(s) grid in ascending order based on the enqueued date. Actions are performed only on the items in the selected queue.

The maximum number of items displayed is based on the pyMaxRecords System setting under Rule-Admin-System-Settings. The default is 500. To display all items in the grid when the number of items is greater than the pyMaxRecords setting, set pyMaxRecords to 0.

Since pyMaxRecords is a global setting, it is recommended that you set the value back to 500 when you are finished viewing queue items, otherwise, other operations in Designer Studio might be adversely affected.

By default, the Broken queue is displayed when you open the landing page. A solid colored line at the bottom of the status block indicates the status of the queues and items that are displayed.