Checking search index status

You can check the status of your index files to see whether they are complete and ready to be used, and enabled for search. This information is useful for troubleshooting and can help you determine whether to reindex the file.

You must have the pxAccessSearchLP privilege to access the Search landing page.
  1. Click Designer Studio > System > Settings > Search.
  2. In the Search indexing section, review the status and statistics in each index's row. Indexes can have a status of:
    • AVAILABLE - The index is usable, and the last reindexing attempt was successful.
    • INCOMPLETE - The index is usable; however, the last reindexing attempt was either unsuccesful, or has not yet happened.
    • UNAVAILABLE - The index is not usable; it is either corrupt or in some other state.
    • RECREATE INDEX - Applies only to dedicated indexes. The index has obsolete mappings, and must be re-created.
    • CONFLICTS FOUND - The index is usable, but there are data type conflicts that need to be fixed. On the corresponding Custom Search Properties instance, click Check Conflicts.