Configuring search to allow filtering on embedded properties

By default, full-text search only allows report definitions to filter based on top-level scalar properties. You can configure search to allow filtering based on embedded properties using the indexing/useDataInstances Dynamic System Setting and invoking search using the pxRetrieveSearchData activity.

  1. Create or edit the indexing/useDataInstances Dynamic System Setting.
    • To create a setting:
      1. In the Designer Studio header, click + Create > SysAdmin > Dynamic System Settings.
      2. In the Short description field, enter a description.
      3. In the Owning Ruleset field, enter Pega-SearchEngine.
      4. In the Setting Purpose field, enter indexing/useDataInstances.
      5. Click Create and Open.
      6. In the Value field, enter true.
      7. Click Save.
    • To edit an existing setting:
      1. In the Explorer panel, click SysAdmin > Dynamic System Settings.
      2. Use the filter to locate the indexing/useDataInstances setting.
      3. Click the row of the setting.
      4. In the Value field, enter true.
      5. Click Save.
  2. Invoke search by using the pxRetrieveSearchData activity.