Updating the data layer for REST integration

On the Review page of the New REST Integration wizard, you can review and update the information for the data layer of your REST integration in the Data layer section.

  1. In the Map to an application data type field, select Create new to generate a data layer for your REST integration. The system creates a data type, data page, and related data transforms for the data layer.

    Select Skip (I'll do it later) if you do not want to generate the data layer and skip the rest of the steps in this task.

  2. In the Data type field, update the name for the data type to which the data page for your REST integration belongs.
  3. In the Parent class field, use the autocomplete control to update the parent class for the data type.
  4. Click the Edit icon next to the ID field for the data type to update the data type identifier.
  5. In the Data Page Name field, update the name of the data page for your REST integration. The default name is the name that you entered on the Resource methods page of the wizard.
  6. Click the Edit icon next to the ID field for the data page to update the data page identifier.
  7. Update the Context subsection by clicking the Edit icon.
    1. In the Choose application layer field, select the application in which you want to create the data page.
    2. In the Add to ruleset field, do either of the following:

      • Select New to create a ruleset and enter the name of the ruleset in the text field.
      • Select Existing to use an existing ruleset and enter the values for the Ruleset and Version fields.
    3. Click Submit.