Generating the WebChat channel mashup code

You create a WebChat channel interface so that users can use standard chat capabilities from an external website to interact with a Pega Platform application, for example, to obtain a list of commands or open a case. To do so, you must generate mashup code for the channel. This mashup code is then embedded on a separate website so that a Pega Intelligent Virtual Assistant for WebChat is available for users.

To generate mashup code for a WebChat channel interface, you must provide a URL to a Pega Platform application instance. This information is needed so that the embedded code on a website includes information about where the Pega Intelligent Virtual Assistant for WebChat connects.

Note: You must purchase a separate license before using Pega Intelligent Virtual Assistant for WebChat in your application.
  1. Open a WebChat channel interface.
  2. Click the Mashup tab.
  3. In the Mashup URL field, enter the URL for a Pega Platform instance, for example:
  4. Click Save.
  5. Click Generate.
  6. Copy the generated code from the Mashup code text area, for example, click Copy to clipboard.