Spinning off a regular case

Spinning off a case allows you to save customer request or issue in a Pega Platform application as a business case. You can only spin off a regular case from an email triage case if you defined this case type in the suggested cases list in the Email channel configuration. Any file attachments sent by the customer in the email triage case are also automatically passed to the spun-off case as attachments.

When you spin off a regular case from the email triage case, you can also assign entities for parts of the email message that were not extracted automatically. Assigning entities ensures that the extracted information also appears in the fields of the spun-off regular case. For example, you can assign a flight departure date that is in the email message to an entity called #Departure Date.

Pega Intelligent Virtual Assistant for Email uses machine learning that is based on your actions to make an informed guess in the future about entity extraction from received email content.

Note: You must purchase a separate license before using Pega Intelligent Virtual Assistant for Email in your application.

Flow action widget

You can use the pxMapEntitiesToCase flow action as a widget in any case that was created with the triage process. This local action helps to quickly map entities that were extracted during triage to any properties of a business case. This flow action is only visible when the work-pxCaseHasRelatedInteractionCase when rule is set to true, which indicates that the case was created by the triage process.

Related cases widget

The Perform harness for the UIKit includes a Related cases widget. For an email triage case, this widget displays all the business cases that were spun off from the interaction case. For a business case, this widget displays from which email triage case the business case was spun off.

In addition, you can use the D_pxGetRelatedInteractionCase data page for a business case, if the email chat history needs to be passed from the email triage case to the business case.