Activity-List-Add method

Three activity lists are maintained for each requestor, stored in Java constructs. The lists are:

  • Current list — highest priority
  • Activity list — intermediate priority
  • Workflow list — lowest priority

Use this method to add an activity to one of the three lists, as an alternative to a Call. If the activity requires parameters, enter literal parameters in the method's parameter fields.

This method does not check the validity of the activity you add. Make sure that the activity exists and that users have the necessary security to execute it.


The Activity-List-Add method has two parameters plus an optional array of parameter values for an activity.

Parameter Description
Activity Use SmartPrompt to select an activity.
Onlist Optional. Generally, leave this blank. If blank, the system adds the activity to the end of the Activity list.

You can enter Current or Workflow, within double quotes, to instruct the system to add the activity to the end of the Current List or the Workflow List, rather than to the Activity List.

ActivityPrmName Optional. Enter a literal as a parameter name for the activity.
ActivityPrmValue Optional. Enter the value for the parameter.


This method adds the activity to the bottom of the selected list.

When activities are in the Current list, they are executed in order before returning control to the user.

When the Current list becomes empty, activities in the Activity list move to the Current list. When the Activity list is empty, activities in the Workflow list move to the Activity list.

Note: You cannot examine these lists with the Tracer or Clipboard tool.

Checking the method status

This method updates the pxMethodStatus property. See How to test method results using a transition.

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