Apply-Model method

The Apply-Model method is deprecated. Use the Apply-DataTransform method rather than the Apply-Model method. See Apply-DataTransform method.

Use the Apply-Model method to execute a data transform for updating an existing clipboard page or pages. (In contrast, use the Page-New method to create a new page and apply a data transform in a single step.)


This method accepts two parameters:

Parameter Description
Model Second key part of a data transform to apply.
OverwriteProperties Select to cause values from the data transform to overwrite existing property values on the target page. Leave unselected to add values from the data transform only for properties not present on the target page.


The system finds the data transform to execute using the class of the step page (or the current primary page, if a step page is not specified) together with the Model parameter as key parts. The step page is the destination for actions in the data transform that do not specify a particular page.

The system executes the data transform, evaluating actions specified in the rule in sequence. If the OverwriteProperties box is checked, property values already present in pages specified in the specified data transform actions may be overwritten by values from the data transform. (If the data transform has the Call superclass data transform check box selected, data transforms from higher classes are applied first.)

The target page becomes the primary page.

Checking the method status

This method updates the pxMethodStatus property. See How to test method results using a transition.

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