Apply-Parse-Delimited method

Use this method to locate and execute a Parse Delimited rule ( Rule-Parse-Delimited rule type). Parse Delimited rules parse character-delimited data into multiple property values on the clipboard.


This method has three required parameters:

Parameter Description
NameSpace Enter the second key part of a Parse Delimited rule.
RecordType Enter the third key part of a Parse Delimited rule.
SourceProperty Identify a property that contains as its value a text string to parse, as input to this parse rule:
  • If the property is on the step page, precede the property name with a period.
  • If this property is on a different page, include the page name in the reference; ensure that this page appears on the Pages & Classes tab of the Activity form.


Parse Delimited rules are identified by a three key parts: the Applies To class, a Namespace value, and a Record Type .

To execute this method, the system:

  1. First forms a key from the class of the step page combined with the Namespace and RecordType parameters to this method. (If the Step Page field for this step on the Activity form is blank, it uses the class that is the Applies To key part of the activity.)
  2. Next, rule resolution retrieves a Parse Delimited rule.
  3. Finally, the system executes the Parse Delimited rule in the current context. The value of the property referenced in the SourceProperty parameter is parsed into other property values, as defined by the Parse Delimited rule.

Checking the method status

This method updates the pxMethodStatus property. See How to test method results using a transition.

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