Configuring the DataFlow-Execute method for a data flow with abstract input

You can automate data management operations for a data flow with abstract input by using the DataFlow-Execute method. You can perform these operations programmatically, instead of doing them manually.

  1. Create an activity rule from the Explorer panel, by clicking Records > Technical > Activity > +Create, to start the DataFlow-Execute method.

    For more information, see Activities - Completing the New or Save As form.

  2. Click the activity Steps tab.

  3. In the Method field, enter DataFlow-Execute.

  4. In the Step page field, specify the step page on which the method operates, or leave this field blank to use the primary page of this activity.

  5. Optional: Enter a description for the method.

  6. Click the Arrow icon to the left of the Method field to expand the Method Parameters section.

  7. Specify the following parameters:

    1. In the Data flow field, enter the name of a data flow with abstract input.

    2. In the Operation list, select the type of operation and specify additional settings.

      • Save — Save records passed from the data flow.
        • Select the Save list of pages defined in a named page check box to save the list of pages from an existing Code-Pega-List page.