Configuring the DataSet-Execute method for Event store

You can automate data management operations on records that are defined by the Event store data set by using the DataSet-Execute method. You can perform these operations programmatically, instead of doing them manually.

  1. Create an activity rule from the Explorer panel, by clicking Records > Technical > Activity > +Create, to start the DataSet-Execute method.

    For more information, see Activities - Completing the New or Save As form.

  2. Click the activity Steps tab.

  3. In the Method field, enter DataSet-Execute.

  4. In the Step page field, specify the step page on which the method operates, or leave this field blank to use the primary page of this activity.

  5. Optional: Enter a description for the method.

  6. Click the Arrow icon to the left of the Method field to expand the Method Parameters section.

  7. Specify the following parameters:

    1. In the Data Set field, enter pxEventStore.

      Note: The Event Store data set is a default, internal data set that belongs to the Data-EventSummary class. Only one instance of this data set exists on the Pega Platform.
    2. In the Operation list, select the type of operation. Depending on the type of operation, specify additional settings.

      • Save — Save records passed by a page or data transform in the event store data source.

        • Select the Save list of pages defined in a named page check box to save the list of pages from an existing Code-Pega-List page.

      • Browse by keys — Read records from the event store data source by a key.

        • Select a key and enter the key value. You can also define the key value through an expression.

          Note: The pxCaptureTime_Start and the pxCaptureTime_End are DateTime properties and their values need a special format.
        • Optional: To define more than one key, click Add key.

        • In the Store results in field, define a clipboard page to contain the results of this operation.