Use the pzUpdateButtonLinkFormats activity to convert the format of a Button control or Link control to a different format.


The method has the following parameters:

Parameter Description
Ruleset Enter the name of the ruleset that contains the sections that you want to update.
RuleSetVersion Enter the version of the ruleset that you want to update. If you leave this parameter blank, the latest version of the ruleset is used.
BranchID Specify the branch in which updated section rules are saved. You do not need to have this branch in place before running the activity.
ReportDefinition Enter the name of the report definition that gets called to retrieve the sections. If no report definition is specified, the activity uses the pxListOfSectionsInRuleSet report definition.
Component Type Enter the type of control that you want to convert:  Button or Link.
FromFormat Enter the name of the control format that you want to update. Leave this parameter blank to have the activity target all controls, no matter what their current format.
ToFormat Enter the name of the control format to be used for the button or link.


The system runs the report definition that you specify to retrieve the sections to be converted. The system then loops through each section rule to find the buttons or links and update their formats. Any section that is modified is added to the branch with the given ID and saved to the database.