Pega Mobile Client

The Pega Mobile Client is a service, which enables quick building of mobile apps from the Pega Platform application.

The service requires obtaining a separate license, which allows you to create a mobile channel interface in Designer Studio to build a mobile app that can be:

  • Custom branded, to conform to your company's look and feel.
  • Used in offline mode, to support users in areas with limited connectivity.
  • Distributed using AMP Manager, QR codes or platform-specific app stores.

Mobile apps generated by means of the Pega Mobile Client can also provide push notifications support, or utilize JavaScript APIs, for example to access device's hardware functions. If the default API set does not contain a specific functionality your company requires, you can further expand it by building custom modules.

Pega Mobile Client serves as a container for HTML5 web applications that are built by using the Pega Platform. It works on a mobile device and communicates with the Pega Platform client interface. It enables centralized deployment of enterprise-grade apps on Android and iOS devices. After a web application is packaged in Pega Mobile Client, a mobile app is created that makes use of device features that are not available in a web browser implementation. The mobile app automatically benefits from the Pega Platform security, integration, and management features.

For more information on key advantages, supported platforms and new features of Pega Mobile Client, see the Pega Mobile Client product page on PDN.

Pega Mobile Client API reference

Pega Mobile Client exposes a number of JavaScript APIs that allow mobile app developers to use existing device functionality, integrate with back-end services, and create feature-rich mobile apps.

For more information on exposed APIs, see the Pega Mobile Client API reference article on PDN.

Custom modules

Android and iOS developers can extend the Pega Mobile Client by using custom modules, which are developed either in Java (for Android) or in Objective-C or Swift (for iOS) and expose their functionality through the JavaScript API. Custom modules enable features and functions that are available to native apps in the Pega Platform mobile apps.

For example, a custom module can allow a Pega Platform mobile app to use an embedded laser scanner to scan barcodes to be recognized and pasted into a product ID field, or to use a tablet's projector module to display wiring layout in equipment that needs to be serviced.

After they are created, custom modules are bundled with the custom mobile app in Designer Studio. For more information on custom modules see Pega Mobile Client modules and custom modules on PDN.