Configuring a custom mobile app

After you create a Pega Platform application, you take the following steps to build a custom mobile app. Each of the steps links to the corresponding procedure. You can only build one custom mobile app for each mobile platform, Android and iOS.

  1. Navigate to the Build tab of the mobile channel interface.
  2. Optional: Configure app branding to customize the appearance of a custom mobile app.
  3. Optional: Upload custom modules to enable features and functions that are available to native mobile applications.
  4. Optional: Fine tune the custom mobile app by setting properties that are not directly available in Designer Studio. See the Overriding Channels and interfaces form settings with custom parameters PDN article.
  5. If required, build the app for the Android platform.
  6. If required, build the app for the iOS platform or export an unsigned app for the iOS platform.
  7. Click Save.