Creating a keystore for OAuth 2.0 authentication

When you configure user authentication with OAuth 2.0 tokens, to enable authentication, you must create the DelegatedAuthentication keystore so that you can make SSL-enabled calls to userinfo endpoint.

You must upload the authorization server SSL certificates to Pega Platform.
  1. Create the keystore.
  2. In the Short description and the Keystore fields, enter DelegatedAuthentication.
  3. Click Create and open.
  4. On the Main tab, in the Keystore location list, select Upload file.
    1. Click Choose file, browse to the keystore file, and select it.
    2. Click Upload file.
    3. In the Keystore type field, enter the keystore file type.
    4. In the Keystore password field, enter the password to the keystore file.
  5. Click Save.