Offline packaging optimization during synchronization

To improve the performance of an offline-enabled application, you can optimize offline packaging during full or delta synchronization. The optimization of offline packaging means that packaging occurs in the offline-enabled application only under certain conditions.

Enabling the optimization of offline packaging for an application means that the case is packaged during delta synchronization only when a new work item for a case is added to the user's worklist and the case was not previously packaged during a full or delta synchronization. In addition, the case is packaged during a full synchronization only when the work item for this case exists in the user's current worklist.

For example, in an offline-enabled application created for field service workers where the offline capability is often used, a user usually needs to work on existing assignments that are later routed to operators instead of creating a case. In such a case, you can enable offline packaging optimization to improve the application's performance.

Packaging optimization limitations

Enabling optimization of offline packaging means that only the flow and its dependencies are packaged, for example, the flow action, sections, data transforms and data pages. The following are the limitations of packaging optimization:

  • Only the packaged flow progresses in offline mode. After the current flow, if the next flow is not packaged, the confirm harness is displayed in the application.
  • Question shapes are not supported.
  • Paragraphs and localization field values are not supported.
  • Case creation is not possible when you optimize offline packaging by enabling the Only offline when in user's worklist check box.