Packaging a signature after the work object is resolved

For offline-enabled applications, signatures are removed by default from the client store after the work object is resolved. If an offline-enabled application contains a Signature Capture control that must be packaged and previewed, the pyIsWorkSignatureRequired when rule for the @baseclass class must be set to true.

If this is not done, the delta synchronization process is optimized and signatures cannot be previewed after the work object is resolved. You can set this when rule to false, the default setting, if the offline-enabled application does not use Signature Capture controls.

To show the captured signature in the Review harness after the work object is resolved, perform the following steps:

  1. Set the pyIsWorkSignatureRequired when rule condition to true.
  2. Create and load a data page with the last resolved work item by an operator. The new data page must have:

    • A List structure.
    • Mode set to Read Only.
    • Scope set to Thread.
    • The Data Page Refresh strategy set to Reload once per interaction.

    For example, when you create the D_FetchWorkData data page that is loaded by the LoadWorkData activity that was created in the Code-Pega-List class, this data page must include the last resolved work item by the operator.

  3. Add the name of the data page that you created in step 2 to the pyDataPageSignatureBlackList rule, which lists the data page names.