Associating a rule with a feature

You can use the Application Overview landing page to link a rule to a feature in your application. By documenting which rules implement a feature, you can improve the traceability and extensibility of your application.

  1. In the header of Designer Studio, click the name of your current application, and then click Overview to open the Application Overview landing page.

  2. In the Features section, click the name of a feature.

  3. On the Associated rules tab, click + Add rule.

  4. In the Type field, press the Down Arrow key and then select a rule type to narrow the list of rules that you can select.

  5. In the Name field, press the Down Arrow key and select the rule to associate with the feature.

    Note: To help you decide which rule to choose when there is more than one rule with the same name, enter a class name in the Applies to field to narrow the list of results.