Including screen captures in a legacy application document

If your existing application uses specifications, you can include screen captures in a legacy application document to illustrate how users interact with a case. By providing real-life scenarios, you can help stakeholders understand the implementation of your application.

  1. Associate a specification with each step in the life cycle of a case type.
  2. Create an instance of the case type that has screens to capture.
    1. Click + Create > New > [Case type name].
    2. Enter realistic values in the fields to move the case through its life cycle.
    3. When you resolve the case, take note of its ID because you need this ID to generate the corresponding screen captures.
  3. Click Designer Studio > Application > Tools > Document to open the Document Application tool.
  4. In the Saved legacy document settings section, click the saved settings for an application document.
  5. Configure the document to include screen captures.
    1. In the Level of detail section, click Customize.
    2. On the Case/Supporting types tab, select the case type that defines the case that you created.
    3. Click Submit.
  6. Associate the screen captures from your case with the document that you generate.
    1. Click the Screen captures tab.
    2. In the Action column, click Update data.
    3. In the Work ID field, enter the ID of your case.
    4. In the Ruleset name and Ruleset version fields, select an application ruleset and unlocked version.
    5. Click OK.
  7. Generate the screen captures.
    1. To preview different styles and formatting for your screen captures, enter a skin in the Use skin field.
    2. Click Capture all.
  8. Click Generate document to view your changes.