Exposed columns for the Data-Rule-Summary class

To enhance record selection operations for reporting, certain Single Value properties are stored as exposed columns of the PegaRULES database view that corresponds to the Data-Rule-Summary class.

As initially installed, the Data-Rule-Summary class corresponds to the pr4_rule_vw view in the PegaRULES database. The following properties are stored as exposed columns:

Column Description
pyRuleSet Ruleset.
pyRuleSetVersion Ruleset version. Not defined for a few rule types.
pxInsID The rule instance identifier. All key parts in uppercase letters concatenated with a single exclamation point (!) as the separator, but excluding any initial Applies To key part.
pyClass Rule type. For example, Rule-HTML-Property.
pxUpdateOperator The operator ID of the user who most recently saved this rule.
pyRuleAvailable The availability of the rule. One of the following values: Yes, No, Blocked, Withdrawn, Final, or No/Draft Mode.
pyInterface A means for grouping related rules. Blank in most cases.
pyLabel The short description.
pyRuleName The name or purpose of the rule. All key parts are concatenated with a single space character as the separator, excluding any initial Applies To key part.
pyClassName The Applies To key part, if present for the rule type.