Setting the default display behavior for charts

For charts in report definition reports, you can set the default display behavior.

  1. From the Designer Studio menu, click Reporting > Settings > Settings.
  2. In the Display options for report definition charts section, specify the following information:
    • Select the Enforce these settings for all reports at run time check box to prevent developers from setting different behaviors for specific reports.
    • Select the Use version 5 charts for Pie, Bar, Column, Area and Line charts radio button to use the Flash charts for these chart types that were available before PRPC Version 6.3. These charts are not compatible with many mobile devices.
    • Select the Use version 6 charts radio button (the default) to use HTML5-compliant charts for all chart types.
    • Select the Initial display in 3D where available check box to have charts with a 3D option (such as pie, column, and area charts) display in 3D when they first appear. Users can switch the chart to a 2D view if they prefer.
  3. Click Submit.