Considerations for case attachments in a repository

You can configure your application to store case attachments in a repository. Use the following requirements and guidelines to ensure that your attachments are stored and retrieved correctly.


  • Host your application in a single system, because tenants in a multitenancy system can access your files.

  • Use the D_pxGetFile API to access the contents of an attachment.

  • Ensure that the service package of your email listener enforces basic authentication.

  • Configure your email listener with an operator whose primary application uses the repository that your application uses.


  • Repositories support file attachments only. All other types of attachments are stored in a database.

  • You cannot change the content storage type from repository to a different type.

  • You cannot modify the configuration of a repository after the repository is in use.

  • Application attachments that you provide on the Application form are always stored in a database.

  • You cannot search for attachments, because they are not indexed.

  • Pulse attachments that you provide on the Application Overview landing page are stored in the repository only when your session is already authenticated or the repository supports non-interactive authentication.