More about Setting rules

> How users acquire settings and setting values

Settings and values become associated with individual users indirectly. Each user has an associated access group, referenced in the Operator ID data instance. The access group identifies one or more access roles (Rule-Access-Role-Name rule types). Access of Role to Object rules with these roles as a first key part define many aspects of user access control. These Access of Role to Object rules may reference settings rules and define values for each setting.

> Testing whether a user holds a setting

Activities in your application can use three standard functions in the Pega-RULES:Settings library to evaluate settings at runtime:

  • getSetting(AppliesTo, SettingName) — Returns the setting value.
  • getSettingType(AppliesTo, SettingName) — Returns a Java type for the setting, such as "string", "int", "double", "datetime", or null (not found).
  • getNumericSetting(AppliesTo, SettingName) — Returns the value as a Decimal property value.

About Setting rules