About Connect BPEL rules

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Note: The rule type Rule-Connect-BPEL is deprecated. As appropriate, migrate to Service SOAP rules .

The Business Process Execution Language (BPEL) integration interface enables you to define your Pega Platform system as one partner in a BPEL process. The BPEL integration interface is layered on top of the SOAP integration interface. You use SOAP service and connector rules to define the operations and a BPEL service or connector to package them as a BPEL Web service.

  • Package the BPEL Web service as a Connect BPEL rule when your Pega Platform system starts the BPEL process.
  • Package the BPEL Web service as a Service BPEL rule when an external partner starts the BPEL process, sending a request to your Pega Platform system.


Use the Application Explorer or Designer Studio > Integration > Definitions > Implementations to list the Connect BPEL rules in your application.

Select Designer Studio > Integration > Connectors > Connector and Metadata wizard to start the Connector and Metadata wizard to create a Connect BPEL rule.

Use the Records Explorer to list all Connect BPEL rules that are available to you.


Connect BPEL rules are instances of the Rule-Connect-BPEL class. They belong to the Integration-Connectors category.