About Connect File rules

Use a connect file rule to define the location and name of an output file on the Pega Platform server to be created by your application.

The following tabs are available on this form:


Use the Application Explorer or Designer Studio > Integration > Definitions > Implementations to list the Connect File rules in your application. Use the Records Explorer to list all the connect file rules available to you.


The Connector and Metadata wizard does not generate connect File rules. Configure them directly using the Connect File rule form.

Where referenced

Connect file rules are referenced by an activity step that uses the Connect-File method. To write an output file from a flow rule, create an activity with Activity Type of Connect, include the Connect-File method in an activity step, and reference the activity in an Integrator shape within the flow.


A connect file rule is an instance of the Rule-Connect-File rule type. Connect file rules are part of the Integration-Connectors category.