Adding multiple predictors to an adaptive model

You can use the batch option to add multiple predictors that you want to use in your Adaptive Model rule. You can define any number of properties as predictors.

  1. Click Records > Decision > Adaptive Model .
  2. Open the Adaptive Model rule instance that you want to edit.
  3. Click the Adaptive models tab.
  4. In the Predictors section, click Add multiple predictors.
  5. In the Add predictors dialog box, click a page to display the properties that it contains.
    • Current page – A primary page that is always available, even if it does not contain any properties.
    • Page – A single page listed under the current page.
    • Custom page – A page that contains pages and classes. Custom page is embedded in a page.
  6. Select the properties that you want to add as predictors and click Submit. The new properties are added to the list in the Predictors section. When a predictor is selected, you can change the predictor type to either symbolic or numeric. For example, if the contract duration, an integer value, has a value of either 12 or 24 months, you can change the predictor type from numeric, the default, to symbolic.
  7. Click Save.