Creating a Decision Data Store data set

You can store decision management-related records in a Cassandra database-based Decision Data Store data set that is provided in Pega Platform. Horizontally scalable and supported by decision data nodes, decision data stores take data from different sources and make it available for real-time and batch processing. To use Cassandra to its full potential, use Decision Data Store data sets to manage large and active data sets that are a source of data for Visual Business Director reporting, delayed adaptive learning, and so on.

  1. In Designer Studio, click + Create > Data Model > Data Set.
  2. In the Label field, enter the data set label.
  3. From the Type list, select Decision Data Store.
  4. Provide the ruleset, Applies To class, and ruleset version of the data set.
  5. Click Create and open.
  6. Define at least one data set key:
    1. On the Decision Data Store tab, click Add key.

    2. Place the cursor in the Property field and press the Down Arrow key.

    3. Select a property that you want to use as a key. Keys uniquely identify each record in the Decision Data Store data set. The first key in the list is used to create partitions and to distribute data across multiple decision data nodes.

  7. To improve update times, add exposed properties:
    1. In the Advanced section, click the Expand icon.

    2. Place the cursor in the Exposed fields field and press the Down Arrow key.

    3. Select a property that you want to expose. The exposed property is added as a separate column in the Cassandra table. This construction provides for faster update times in cases when you want to update a single property only, without the need to update the full record.
    4. For page list properties only, if you want to create a list of property values each time the property is updated instead of overwriting the previous property value with the latest one, select the Optimize for appending check box.
  8. Click Save.