Exporting data into a data set

Export your data to prepare a backup copy outside the Pega Platform or to move data between data sets and the Pega Platform instances. A .zip file that you get as a result of this operation is a package that you need to use when importing data into a data set. You can export data from data sets that support the Browse operation excluding the stream data sets like Facebook, Stream, Twitter, or YouTube.

  1. In the Explorer panel, click Records > Data Model > Data Set and open an instance of the Data Set rule.

  2. Click a data set from which you want to export data.

    Data set types that support export

    • Database Table
    • Decision Data Store
    • Event Store
    • HBase
    • HDFS
    • Interaction History
    • Monte Carlo
  3. Click Actions > Export.

  4. Click Export and wait until the data is processed.

  5. Click Download file and save the .zip file with data.

  6. Click Done.