Configuring advanced filter conditions for Twitter data

You can configure additional filter conditions for your Twitter data set to limit the amount of the data that your application retrieves for analysis. By configuring filtering, you can ignore the tweets that you do not need in your application and retrieve only the data that is important for achieving your business objective.

  1. In the Records Explorer, click Data Model, and then click Data Set.
  2. From the list of available data sets, select a data set of type Twitter.
  3. On the Data Set Form, click the Advanced options tab.
  4. Configure one or more of the following options for filtering Twitter data:

    Options include:

    • Exclude keyword(s) – Do not analyze tweets if they contain the keywords that you entered.
    • Ignore author(s) – Do not analyze tweets made by the authors with the twitter handles that you entered. For example, @JohnSmith.
    • Filter languages(s) – Analyze only the tweets that are written in the languages that you specified. This setting analyzes the language metatag of the incoming tweets and filters out all tweets that are written in other languages than specified.
      Note: Select this option only if you selected the Language specified by publisher option on the Advanced tab of the Text Analyzer form that you use for processing records from this data set.