Creating a Kinesis data set

You can create an instance of a Kinesis data set in Pega Platform to connect to an instance of Amazon Kinesis Data Streams. Amazon Kinesis Data Streams ingests a large amount of data in real time, durably stores it, and makes it available for lightweight processing. When you run Pega Platform in the cloud, you can use a Pega-provided Kinesis data stream or connect to your own Kinesis data stream.

Make sure that the Identity and Access Management (IAM) policies in Amazaon Web Services (AWS) are set to allow access to Kinesis data streams. For more information, see the Amazon Web Services (AWS) documentation about IAM policies. To use your own Kinesis account with data streams, change the value of the useExternalKinesisAccount Dynamic System Setting to true
  1. Create an instance of the Kinesis data set rule.
  2. In the Connection section, select a Kinesis configuration instance and a region. For more information about the available regions, see the Amazon Web Services (AWS) documentation.
    Note: This step is not available if you are running Pega Platform in a cloud environment (the onPegaCloud Dynamic System Setting is set to true) and you are using a Pega-provided Kinesis data stream.
  3. In the Stream section, select a stream that is available in your Kinesis configuration instance.
    Important: If you use a Kinesis data stream with Pega Platform on premises or a Kinesis data stream with Pega Platform in the cloud that are in different regions, you might experience performance issues during data set operations. For optimal performance, use a Kinesis data stream with Pega Platform in the cloud that are in the same region.
  4. Optional: In the Partition key(s) section, define the data set partitioning.
    By configuring partitioning, you ensure that related records are sent to the same partition. If you do not define partition keys, the Kinesis data set randomly assigns records to partitions, which can hinder its performance.
    1. Click Add key.
    2. In the Key field, press the Down Arrow key to select the property that you want the Kinesis data set to use as a partitioning key.

      By default, the available properties to be used as keys correspond to the properties of the Applies To class of the Kinesis data set.

  5. Click Save.