Configuring a batch case run

Run your strategy on a data set or a subset of records to inspect how customers respond to changes in the strategy, identify the most popular propositions, check if all customers get an offer (a proposition), and make sure that your strategy is executed as expected. Use this option to test the performance of your strategy and identify which components can be optimized.

  1. From the right-hand side of the strategy canvas, expand the Test run panel.
  2. In the Test run panel, click the Batch tab.
  3. Specify the source of the test run:
    • Select Data set to use a specific data set as the subject of the test run (for example, a data table with customers).

    • Select Data flow to use a specific data flow as the source of the test run.

      When you test a strategy on a data flow, the system runs the specified data flow and then uses the output of that data flow for the selected subject ID in the test run.

  4. Specify the number of records to use in the test run:
    • Select All records to test the strategy on all available records in the specified data source.

    • Select A limited number of records and specify the number of records to use in the test run. The records are selected randomly.

  5. Specify the strategy for external input.

    This option is available only when you added an Enable external input shape to your strategy. This option enables you to use results of a different strategy as additional source of data and allows you to accurately simulate the runtime behavior of the strategy.

  6. Select the test run mode. This choice determines various types of statistics you can view after executing the test run.
    • Select Decisions to view the most popular propositions and the number of decisions associated with records (customers).

    • Select Performance to view how the execution of the strategy affects the system and check whether any strategy components require optimization.

  7. Click Run. The progress of the test run is indicated in the progress bar. Below the progress bar, you can view the number of processed records, and the duration of the test run (in seconds).
  8. View the results:
    • From the Show list, select the type of statistics to display at the top of each strategy shape as a label.

    • Click on a strategy shape to view the test run results for that shape in the STATISTICS section.

    • Click on the Results strategy shape or directly on the strategy canvas to view the test run results for the entire strategy in the STATISTICS section.