Strategy rule form - Using the Strategy Properties tab

The Strategy Properties tab displays details of the strategy's applicability in the decision hierarchy and the properties available to the strategy:

  • Strategy Results Class: data class.
  • Business issue: issue applicability in the proposition hierarchy.
  • Group: group applicability in the proposition hierarchy.

Click Refresh to display the latest strategy properties.

Click New to add a new property at the class level mentioned in Strategy Results Class.

A newly created strategy rule lists the properties from Data-pxStrategyResult. It also lists every property defined at the SR level (all business issues). If the issue level applicability has been selected in the process of creating the new rule, properties in the data model of the issue class are also listed and the same applies to properties in the data model of the group class. The deeper the scope of the strategy, the more properties it accesses.

With the exception of predictive model outputs, the output of segmentation rules is generally available on this tab. If you need to use the output of a predictive model in expressions and that output is not already available in the strategy properties, add the property to the appropriate class in the proposition hierarchy (the class corresponding to the applicability of the strategy rule in the proposition hierarchy).