Unit testing Declare Expression rules with manual inputs

You can unit test declare expression rules with manual inputs if all properties in the computation are Single Value properties and belong to one Applies To class.

  1. Save the Declare Expression rule form.
  2. Select Actions > Run.
  3. From the Data Context list, select the context in which to run the test.
  4. Click a property on the declarative network.
  5. Specify a value for the property (in the Property section in the lower right corner of the window) and click Update.
  6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 to reevaluate the expression output given to your different input values. Each time an input property is changed, the expression is automatically reevaluated.
  7. If the unit test of the Declare Expression rule requires creating an input that is part of an embedded Page List or Page Group property, create a new page. You can also add inputs to Value List or Value Group properties.

    To create the additional input:

    1. Select the Add new page check box.

    2. For a Page Group, enter an identifier as a subscript value (For a Page List, the system appends the new page after existing pages.)
    3. Select the class of the page from the Class list.
    4. Click Update.