Harness and Section forms - Adding an Information Mashup section

You can add the pxInformationMashup section to a layout, a region, another section, or a cell in a layout. At run time, this section allows you to connect to external applications and delegate access to OAuth 2.0-protected resources. For example, users can log on to Facebook from Pega Platform by using this section and access photographs in their Facebook account.

Do not add the Information Mashup section to repeating layouts because the system does not allow you to configure the section to perform different actions based on the data specific to each row. If you add this section to a repeating layout, all the sections inside the repeating layout use the same data at run time.

  1. Select the Advanced menu and drag the Information Mashup section to the layout, region, section, or cell.
  2. Click the View properties icon for the section to display the Cell Properties panel.
  3. Configure the section in the fields provided on the General , Presentation, and Parameters tabs.
  4. Click Submit to save your changes.