Harness and section forms - Adding a Purpose-Specific control

Purpose-specific controls provide the optimal formatting for displaying particular types of data such as currency, date, decimal numbers, and so on.

A purpose-specific control is a specialized Formatted text control.

> Adding a purpose-specific control

  1. From the Basic control group, select any control.
  2. Drag the control into the layout and release the pointer button to drop the control.
  3. Select the cell containing the rule and click the View properties icon to open its Cell Properties panel.
  4. In the Cell Properties panel, click the change link to open a panel showing different control types.
  1. Select a control from the Purpose specific list.

    The Cell Properties panel shows the type of control you've selected and changes the General and Presentation options according to the control's data type.

  2. On the Cell Properties panel, define the purpose-specific control using the following tabs: