About Paragraph rules

Create a paragraph rule to provide read-only text for a cell in a user form or correspondence. Paragraphs can include bold, italics, colored text, images, links, and other rich text, plus property values.

The following tabs are available on this form:

Paragraph rules can be referenced in other stream rules. For example, cells in a flow action can include rich text that provides guidance to users:

Check if
        married filing jointly
(even if only one had income)

Text in this example uses color, italics, and a monospace font.

> Where referenced

Harnesses, sections, and flow actions can reference paragraph rules.

To reference a paragraph rule in a harness, section, or flow action:

  1. From the Advanced control group, select the Paragraph control. to a header or cell.
  2. Complete the Paragraph Include panel. See Paragraphs — Adding paragraphs to place rich text in a layout.

Correspondence rules, correspondence fragment rules, HTML rules, and XML rules can also reference paragraph rules through the <pega:include > JSP tag.

> Access

Use the Records Explorer to list all paragraph rules available to you.


> Category

Paragraph rules are instances of the Rule-HTML-Paragraph class. They are part of the User Interface category.