Activity form - Completing the Steps tab - Entering preconditions

Defining step conditions in an activity

Use the When button to define a when precondition that conditionally skips execution of a step. The system evaluates whether specified conditions are met before it executes the method or instruction referenced in the step. If false, the rest of the step is skipped.

Click the button to access the details of the precondition.

Use the add row and delete row icons to define the condition. Order is significant. You can rearrange the order by selecting the row number and dragging it up or down. Click OK to save your edits and close the dialog.

Field Description
Enable conditions before this action Select to turn on the precondition test. If this box is not selected, all the rows are hidden and are ignored at runtime. The gray When button appears.
When Identify a when condition rule that specifies this precondition. Or enter an expression starting with "=" that returns true or false, such as
=(.pyDoorisLocked == false).

Click the Open icon to review or update the when condition rule. Click to start the Expression Builder.

You can use the keyword <CURRENT> within the precondition and transition elements of a step that also includes a repeat element to evaluate the current element of the repeat.

If True
Select to indicate what is to happen if the when condition evaluates to True. Complete both an If True and an If False option for each precondition row.
  • Continue Whens — Advance to the next row of the precondition array, before executing the step.
  • Skip Whens — Skip all the later rows and execute the step.
  • Jump To — Jump to a specific higher-numbered activity step that contains a label. Entering the step's Label name in the True Param field. Processing resumes at the labeled step. You cannot jump to a label for a lower-numbered step.
  • Skip step — Skip the current step. For a repeating step, this ends the iteration.
  • Exit This Iteration — End the current iteration, and advance to the next iteration.
  • End Activity — End execution of this activity. The rest of the step is not executed.
True Param If you selected Jump To, enter the Label name of the step to jump to.

If you entered Exit Activity, enter an integer: 0 for a status of Good, any negative integer for a status of Fail, and any positive integer for a status of Warn.

If False Choose what is to happen if the condition evaluates to false. The choices are the same as those for If True. As a good practice, complete both an If True and If False option for each row.
False Param If you selected JumpTo, enter the label of the step to jump to.