Flow Action form - Completing the Validation tab

Identify a validation rule to test user input values. Validation occurs when a flow action is submitted and before any post- processing actions start.

Field Description
Validation Rule Optional. To require users to enter non-blank values into one or more of the HTML fields that appear when they select this flow action, enter the name of a validate rule. This rule is processed after each Submit.
If the Enable Client Side Validation? box is selected on the HTML tab, properties marked as required in this validation rule are enforced on the workstation client.
Note: This setting is valid only in PRPC Version 5 harnesses.

For screen flows only: By default, when this flow action appears as a step in a screen flow, and the user at runtime clicks away to a different step in the screen flow, this validation rule does not run. To cause this validation rule to execute when the user clicks away to a different step, select the Post Action on Click Away? check box on the Assignment shape properties panel.

Proposed Work Status Optional. Specify the work status that you want the system to use to determine which validation conditions in the validation rule to apply at runtime for this flow action. The typical usage for the proposed work status is to indicate which validation conditions (as specified in the validate rule) are necessary to pass before the work item can achieve that work status. (That is, you are proposing the work status to be set to this value if the corresponding conditions in the validate rule pass.)

At runtime, the system uses this value to determine which validation conditions specified on the validate rule's Validate tab to apply. See Validate form — Complete the Validate tab.

Update status upon successful validation? Select to have the system update the work status to that specified in the Proposed Work Status field upon successful validation using the validate rule in the Validation Rule field.

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