Property form - Completing the General tab for Java Object modes

Property form - Completing the General tab for Java Property and Java Object modes

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Note: Use this table to complete the General tab fields that appear for a property that has a mode of Java Object, Java Object List, Java Object Group, Java Property or Java Property List. Such properties are typically used in conjunction with JSR 94 services ( Rule-Service-JSR94 rule type), EJB services ( Rule-Service-EJB ), Java service rules ( Rule-Service-Java ), or EJB connectors ( Rule-Connect-EJB ), and Java connectors ( Rule-Connect-Java ).

A Java Object property on the clipboard holds a reference to an instance of a Java object. A Java Property property represents a single property in the Java class that defines an instance of a Java class.

Properties of the Java Property modes support the Java pages feature that enables your application to attach external Java objects to clipboard pages, where they can be processed by any rule type. Properties of the Java Object modes can be manipulated within the Java steps of activities only.

For information about the Java pages feature, see Working with the Java Pages Feature, a document on the Integration area of the PDN.

For basic information about the General tab and choosing a property mode, see Completing the General tab.

For properties of mode Java Object, a clipboard page containing this property can be saved into the database if the following are true: the Java Class field specifies the name of a Java class, the Serialize check box is selected, and the Java class specified implements the Serializable interface.

Note: If the Java class does not implement the Serializable interface, a null value is stored for the property in the database.