A ticket is an entry point in a flow that runs when your application detects an exception, error, or event that you define. By setting and activating tickets in your application, you can handle out-of-sequence events in a case.

You can use standard tickets or create custom tickets for each business event or exception in your application. The ticket itself does not contain any processing logic.

Example sequence of events

The following sequence of events describes how a ticket can affect case processing:

  • A customer creates a Mortgage Loan case to start the process of financing a new home.

  • The Mortgage Loan case enters the Pre-approval flow, which creates a loan estimate and related underwriting tasks.

  • After reviewing the terms of the loan, the customer decides to find a lender with a lower interest rate and rejects the loan estimate.

  • The Withdraw-Loan ticket is activated and the Pre-approval flow stops processing.

  • The case enters the Rollback flow, which begins processing at the point where the Withdraw-Loan ticket is set.

  • The Rollback flow sends correspondence to work parties, connects to an external system to close open underwriting tasks, and sets the case status to Resolved-Withdrawn.