XML Stream rules

Create an XML stream rule to define an XML template or skeleton message as part of an interface between the Pega Platform and an external system. It can be used to assemble and send an XML document in an email message, a SOAP message, a file, or other types of messages.

The following tabs are available on this form:

The XML text in each XML stream rule can contain directives or JSP tags that reference clipboard properties. At runtime, the system performs stream processing to evaluate these directives or JSP tags and form the final XML message.

For highest quality and security, minimize the use of XML rules you create in application RuleSets. While XML rules are necessary for specific features, use of auto-generated sections in flow actions and harnesses is preferable when possible. Auto-generated rules may often provide better performance, greater security, greater levels of browser independence, and more consistent branding and styles than hand-crafted rules. If your application RuleSets contain XML rules, use the Guardrails landing page to assess guardrail compliance, and use the Rule Security Analyzer to check for security vulnerabilities.

Where referenced

Connect SOAP, Service SOAP, and Service Email rules often use XML Stream rules to compose an XML document from clipboard property values. Most other service and connector rules can use XML Stream rules. In an activity, the Property-Set-XML method evaluates an XML Stream rule using stream processing.

In additional, XML Stream rules define the structure of menus in the Designer Studios.


Use the Application Explorer to access XML Stream rules that apply to the work types in your application. Use the Records Explorer to list all XML Stream rules available to you.


If you have a Document Type Definition (DTD) or XML Schema (XSDL) file that defines the structure of XML documents to be produced by an XML Stream rule, you can create classes, properties, and XML stream rules corresponding to the XML definition automatically, using a wizard. See About the Connector and Metadata wizard .


XML Stream rules are part of the Integration Mapping category. An XML Stream rule is an instance of the Rule-Obj-XML rule type.