Creating a parse structured rule

  1. Create a Parse Structured rule by selecting Parse Structured from the Integration-Mapping category.
  2. A Parse Structured rule has two key parts:
    Field Completing the Field
    Apply to Select the exact class that this rule applies to. When this rule is referenced in an activity or elsewhere, this key part must match the class provided in the referencing rule, because rule resolution does not search the class hierarchy for parse structured rules.

    For example, if a service file rule references this parse structured rule, the Primary Page Class on the Service tab must match this

    Apply to

    key part.

    The list of available class names depends on the ruleset you select. Each class can restrict applying rules to an explicit set of rulesets as specified on the Advanced tab of the class form.

    Identifier Enter a record type, unique within the class. Begin this key part with a letter and follow the rules for a Java identifier. See How to enter a Java identifier.
  3. Define input parameters for the parse structured rule.

    Select In or Out to indicate whether the parameter is used for input to the called activity or output from the activity.

    The system does not prevent setting the value of an In parameter. A called activity can access and change both In and Out parameters on the parameter page.

  4. Add steps to the parse structured rule.

  5. Configure security options.