About Service BPEL rules

The rule type Rule-Service-BPEL is deprecated. As appropriate, migrate to Service SOAP rules.

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The Business Process Execution Language (BPEL) integration interface enables you to define PRPC as a partner in a BPEL process. The PRPC BPEL integration interface is layered on top of the SOAP integration interface. Use SOAP service and connector rules to define the individual operations and then use a BPEL service or connector to package them as a BPEL Web service.

  • Package the BPEL Web service as a BPEL connector rule when PRPC starts the BPEL process.
  • Package the BPEL Web service as a BPEL service rule when an external partner starts the BPEL process, sending a request to PRPC.


Use the Application Explorer to see Service BPEL rules in your application. Use the Records Explorer to list all Service BPEL rules that are available to you.


Service BPEL rules belong to the Integration-Services category. A Service BPEL rule is an instance of the Rule-Service-BPEL rule type.