Shortcut rules - Completing the New or Save As form

Shortcut rules – Completing the Create, Save As, or Specialization form

Records can be created in various ways. You can add a new record to your application or copy an existing one. You can specialize existing rules by creating a copy in a specific ruleset, against a different class or (in some cases) with a set of circumstance definitions. You can copy data instances but they do not support specialization because they are not versioned.

Create a Shortcut rule by selecting Shortcut from the Report category.

Note: You cannot create a shortcut until you have created or added reports to the application, and made them available in the Report Browser in the Case Manager portal. To add reports to the Report Browser, you need at least one personal category. To share shortcuts, you need to have at least one shared category in which to place the shortcuts.

Key parts:

A Shortcut rule has four key parts:

Field Description
Identifier Enter a name for the shortcut. Using a brief but distinctive name is helpful, as a manager using the portal may see similarly-named shortcuts provided by a number of developers and other managers.
Owner Type Select an option:
  • Standard. The shortcut appears in one of the available standard categories.
  • Shared. The shortcut appears in one of the available shared categories.
  • Personal. The shortcut appears in one of the available personal categories.
Owner Options for this field depend on the shortcut's Owner Type:
  • Standard : Owner Name defaults to ALL.
  • Shared or Personal : Choose from the list of Operator IDs with access to the shortcut's RuleSet.
Category Name Select a category for this shortcut from the categories available for the shortcut's Owner.

Click Create and open to create the shortcut. Complete the fields on the Shortcut tab and save the rule.

Rule resolution

When searching for a Shortcut rule, the system:

  • Filters candidate rules based on a requestor's RuleSet list of RuleSets and versions

Time-qualified resolution features are not available for Shortcut rules.

About Shortcut rules