Word templates

A Word template incorporates Microsoft Word documents (of .doc or .docx file format) into your application, for use during correspondence generation and Word merge with Microsoft Silverlight. The DOC files can incorporate Word features such as images, styles, macros, and formulas.

Supported field codes

If this Word document is to support the clipboard merge function, you can include the following directives as field codes. Select Insert > Field Code... from the Word menu.

Syntax Result during clipboard merge
{pega:reference propertyreference }
Include the value of a scalar property present on the clipboard page.
{pega:insert corr="Name" }
Include the HTML code text from a correspondence rule with Name as the second key part.
{pega:attach CategoryName }
Include the HTML code text from a Word document that is the newest file attachment of the category CategoryName.
{pega:binary Name }
Include another Word document associated with a Rule-Template-Word rule with the value of Name including both keys to the rule using the format AppliesToClass.Purpose. For example, Work-.SampleWordTemplate.