Configuring PegaUnit test suites

When you configure a PegaUnit test suite, you can add test cases to the suite, modify the order in which you want them to run, and remove test cases. You can also modify and configure settings, such as setting up your clipboard with information before you run the test.

  1. Open the test suite, if it is not already open.

  2. Complete any of the following actions:

    • Modify the description of the test suite.

    • From the Category list, select the type of test suite:

      • Ad-hoc: Specify that the test suite informally tests a feature.

      • Smoke: Specify that the test suite verifies that critical application functionality is working as expected.

      • Regression: Specify that the test suite runs all test cases when changes are made to application functionality. For example, if you fix a bug, you can test that it does not affect other application functionality.

    • Provide a value, in seconds, that specifies the amount of time within which the run time of the suite should complete in the Expected max runtime field. If you want the test suite to fail when the expected run time is exceeded, select the Fail the test suite when runtime validation fails checkbox.
    • Add test cases to the test suite by clicking Add test cases and selecting the test cases that you want to add. You cannot add test cases that have the same Identifier.

      Note: To filter information by multiple criteria, click the Advanced filter icon .
    • Remove test cases from the test suite by selecting test suites and clicking Remove.

    • Modify the order in which test cases are run in the test suite by clicking the Drag selector icon next to the test case and dragging it. You can reorder test cases only on the page that displays the test cases. You cannot reorder test cases among multiple pages.

    • Apply one or more data pages, data transforms, or activities to set up the clipboard before running a test in the Setup & Cleanup tab. You can also use activities to create any required test data, such as work or data objects. For more information, see Setting up your test environment.

    • Apply additional data transforms or activities to clean up the clipboard in the Setup & Cleanup tab. For more information, see Cleaning up your test environment.
    • Run a test suite by clicking Actions > Run.

    • View more details about the latest result by clicking View details in the banner. This button is displayed after a test suite has been run. See PegaUnit test suite run results for more information.

    • Open a new dialog box that displays the test date, the run time, expected run time, and whether the test passed or failed by clicking View previous runs. To view detailed test results, click the row of a test case. This link displays after a test suite has been run.

  3. Click Save. If you are saving the form for the first time, you can modify the Identifier; however, after you save the rule form, you cannot modify this field.